History and location


The first plane appeared in the sky over Simbirsk one hundred years ago, in 1913, and performed demonstration flights over the Fairground. After that, already in 1924, an agitation flight from Tsaritsyn ended in Ulyanovsk.

At that time first air passengers appeared among people in the city; within one week the plane pilot performed entertainment flights over the city for inhabitants of Ulyanovsk.

In 1925 works on building and equipping of the airdrome were started. Initially the 3rd air squadron of the 173th air detachment of Kuybyshev was based here; this squadron used nine PO-2 planes and one Аn-2 plane.

Ten years later regular flights began in Ulyanovsk when the Course of the higher flight education was organized here.


In 1955 the construction of the air terminal building was started; it was contemporary at that time and had the capacity of 50 passengers per hour; this building was put in commission in 1957. It is also used nowadays; the airfield maintenance and supply service of the Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation is located here.

The first air-route from Kuybyshev to Moscow via Ulyanovsk by An-2 and Il-14 planes was opened.


However, for a long time the Ulyanovsk airfield was able to accommodate only small planes and the take-off runway was located nearby the automobile plant.

In 1970 the new air terminal building with the capacity of 400 passengers per hour was constructed with the participation of the Leningrad branch of the „Lenaeroproject“ organization and accepted into service.

In 2010 the designing of its complete reconstruction at the expense of the Ulyanovsk region budget was carried out. Currently the „Aeroport Ulyanovsk“ Joint Stock Company is a successfully developing enterprise of the aviation industry with the secure competitive position on the market of these service in the regional area.


In 2009 the Executive order of the President of the Russian Federation on transfer of hundred percent of shares of the airport from the federal ownership to the regional ownership was signed. The large-scale reconstruction of the air terminal building was started soon. In 2013 the main part of the reconstructed air terminal building with new infrastructure and comfortable conditions for passengers was put in operation; the capacity of the air terminal amounts to 240 passengers per hour.

In the course of reconstruction works in replacement of utility systems have been executed, external communications have been connected, and the complex video surveillance has been integrated.

Besides, interior finish of rooms has been completed and the up-to-date equipment for security monitoring, baggage receiving, as well as the „arriving and departure” systems has been placed in operation. Convenient waiting rooms, modern terminals and cafés are present here.



The Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) airport is located in the distance of 9 kilometers south-westerly from the center of Ulyanovsk city, 3 kilometers southwards from the Barataevka inhabited locality. The Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) airport belongs to the „A“ class in line with the classification of the civil airfields (NGEA – Standards of airfields exploitability) valid in the Russian Federation. In the Public register of airports of the Russian Federation the FATA (Federal Air Transport Agency) certificate number А.02320 is awarded.

In the year 2012 110 thousands of passengers used services of the airport, in 2013 the number of passengers was over 140 thousands, in 2014 it equaled to 150 thousands, and in 2015 the number was already 180 thousands of passengers.


Nowadays works on opening a Russian Federation border checkpoint in the airport are carried out. After starting of carrying out international flights the volume of passenger's traffic will increase significantly, and by the year 2030 the value of passenger turnover will reach 1 million passengers per year.