For arriving passengers

After arriving to the Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) international airport you will be brought to the air terminal building. In the case of severe weather employees of the airline will instruct you about the observance of safety precautions.

Passengers who are flying through the Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) international airport have to take a look at the website section called „Air-to-air”.


After entering the air terminal building you get into the baggage reclaim terminal. The baggage is fed on band conveyers.

The oversized baggage is fed separately.

If you find out that your luggage is damaged or lost you should refer to our reference service; our employees will help you with filling in a special form.

After receiving the luggage please go to the exit and show identification tag portions of baggage tags to employees who are responsible for handling over the baggage.

In baggage storage rooms you can reclaim your luggage which has been sent later or forgotten.

The post-flight screening is also possible for preventing the importation of weapon, drugs, and other articles which are potentially dangerous or have criminal nature.


The screening is carried out under the law of the Russian Federation “On the militia” № 1026-1 from the 18th April 1991.

Decisions about the post-flight screening are taken by the watch commander of the line department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The post-flight screening is carried out in special points of inspection.