Transfer between flights

If you are planning to have flights with transfers then please keep in mind that the minimum connection time between flights must not be less than 50 minutes.

For preventing problems with luggage it is recommended to handle your luggage from the initial point of departure to the Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) international airport. In this case you will have to receive your luggage in the airport and to handle it over when checking-in for the next flight.

Please verify the information on flight rules at your airline in advance.


In case of nonscheduled delays, breaks or flight cancellation for technical, meteorological or other reasons passengers may use the following services:

  • Services of the baby care room for passengers with children under 7 years old.


Additionally in case of flight delay of more than 2 hours:

  • Services of telephone connection.
  • Refreshment drinks.


In case of flight delay of more than 4 hours:

  • Hot meals with the interval of 6 hours in the day-time and 8 hours in the night-time.


In case of flight delay of more than 8 hours:

  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Services of baggage storage.


The above-listed services are rendered without additional fee.


In case of losing connections airlines render the following additional services:


  • Reticketing for other flights (if free places are available).
  • Hotel accommodation (if free places are available).