Transportation of animals

Dear passengers!

For transportation of birds and animals you have to notify the airline in advance; the transportation is permitted only upon the previous agreement.


If you are going to have a flight with an animal or a bird, when checking-in you have to show documents which certify that the animal is a good-doer.

The documents must be issued by the corresponding veterinary services.


The animal (bird)on board of the plane must be kept in a container or a cage which corresponds to the requirements mentioned below:

  • The container must have sufficient dimensions and a hard lock;
  • The container must be equipped with the watertight bottom covered with the absorbent material;
  • Along the perimeter of the container a facility must be present which prevents spattering of the absorbent material out of the container;
  • Cages for birds must be draped with the close light-impermeable fabric;
  • It must have the access of air.


The payment for transportation of animals and birds is effected under the rate for exceeding baggage, in correspondence with the actual weight of the transported animal with the container, with the exception of guide-dogs which accompany disabled passengers, under the condition of completing the special education confirmed with a certificate.

The transportation of a guide-dog is possible only in collar and muzzle; during the flight the dog must be roped down to the seat near legs of the owner.


Veterinary checks


Air terminal veterinarian on duty carries out the following operations:

  • Checking the certificate issued by veterinary services for the transported animal and witnessing it;
  • Inspection of the animal.


For preventing problems please verify requirements of your airline to the transportation of animals and birds in advance.